Privacy Policy

In this page we describe the managing features of the present internet site according to the processing of users’ personal data.

The information is provided for the present site only and not for other sites that can be consulted by the user through a link. 


(who decides, why, how and by whom are data treated)

Following the consulting of the present site and the fruition of its services, some data can be processed according to the identified or identifiable people. Apart from the navigation data some information could be collected according to: 

The owner of the processing (i.e. the subject that determines the aims and the tools for the personal data processing and has the responsibility of processing and let third parties correctly process personal data) is 
C.T.A. Spa – Via L. Alamanni, 3 – 50123 Firenze (FI) P.IVA C.F. 03262740404


According to the processing of the present document the here interested users (site users) have the following rights:

More information at the end of the present document

The requests must be provided to the Owner – also through the contact page or other information present on the site by considering that it will not be possible to reply to requests provided by telephone where there is no certainty about the applicant’s identity.

processed data according to site visit

The information systems and software procedures according to the work of the present web site acquire during their normal pathway some personal data, the transmission of which is implicit in the use of internet communication protocols.

We are talking about data that is not collected to be associated to identified interests but that for its own nature could enable to identify the users also through elaborations and associations with third parties.

In this category of data we have for instance the IP address or the names for the computer domains of the users that are connected to the site, the URI-addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier) of the required resources, the time of the request, the method used to provide the request to the server, the dimension of the file obtained as a response, the numeric code indicating the status of the server response (success, error, etc.) and other parameters related to the operation system and to the informatic environment of the user such as the browser kind and plug-in version, the identification of the mobile device (IDFA or Android ID) and other parameters related to the users’ operation system and IT environment.

This data in absence of a specific agreement to the processing for other aims is used only in order to get anonym statistic information for the use of the site and confirm the correct site functioning.

The data could be used for stating responsibilities in case of hypothetical informatic crimes against the site and only in such a case some specific procedures can be activated for the author’s identification. 

The LEGAL BASIS OF THE PROCESSING of such data is provided by the legitimate interest of the owners according to the protection of data safety, good functioning of the site and improvement of the service standard.


Personal data is processed with automatic tools for the strictly necessary time to accomplish the aims for which it is collected. The processing for the web services of the present site is managed by the personnel in charge by the owner or by external subjects that are named as responsible and to which the technical management and maintenance of the site and related IT systems are provided. Specific safety measures take place in order to prevent the loss of data, unlawful or incorrect or unauthorized use.

Data from the web service is never shared

Personal data provided by the users that ask for information material (newsletter, responses to questions, etc.) is used only to provide a service or a required action and is communicated to third parties only if needed.


Apart from what was specified for the navigation data, the user is free to provide his own personal data during navigation in order to ask for information or for other communications. If such data is not provided, the information will not be provided as well. 

When the user visits a part of the site asking for a personal data collection a link to the present information document is provided too and, if needed, the user is asked for agreement. 

The voluntary and explicit e-mail request to the addresses of the present site will cause the acquisition of the sender’s address, which is necessary to respond to his requests, and eventual other personal data that are in the mail, and that will be preserved for the needed time to satisfy the different requests, if not differently communicated. 

Here you can find a few specific information referred to the web pages according to particularly required services or through which it is possible to acquire further personal data.


Spontaneously provided personal data through the reservation area or e-mail addresses provided on the website:

  1. Are treated with prevalently automatic tools in order to:  
    1. Ensure a certain and timely response to satisfy the user’s requirements. 
    2. Fulfill lawful duties, community rules and laws; fulfillment of the obligations by the Judiciary Authority,
    3. Improve public opinion knowledge through statistics based on anonymous and collected data, that are useful for the verification, the improvement and the design of a more efficient and adequate service.
  2. With the agreement of the interested person, addresses and mail addresses could be used for providing courtesy communications and/or information material related to the provided products and services by the Owner, of course under the user’s agreement.
  3. Data can be processed by: commercial operators, maintenance operators for information systems that have the task to guarantee the functionality of the systems, the safety of data and the backup operations, other operators according to the limits of their tasks and according to the company proceedings and other subjects that provide services for auxiliary functions to the user’s requests, within the needed limits of their tasks;
  4. Data can be communicated or made available:
    • To the subjects that can have access to data according to the law, or community rules or norms within their lawful limits,
    • To other connected companies (affiliated – main companies) for the “administration related aims” connected to the fulfilment of the user’s requests.
    • To other subjects providing services for the aims connected to the user’s request within the necessary limits to correctly fulfil their own tasks –  commercial partners, that cooperate in providing services. Commercial partners will operate as independent owners of the processing and according to the privacy protection law. Information letters will be provided by them independently. 

Personal data will be transmitted to actors outside the European Union towards the country where the interested person is located only if necessary, to satisfy his needs and within the respect of the actual law.

By filling the form, the fields marked with a star are compulsory, without this required data the fulfillment of the owner’s request will be impossible.

In case the interested person at contact request needs to communicate particular categories of data (as personal data revealing the ethnic origin, political opinion, religious or philosophic thoughts or the belonging to trade union, the same applies when general data are provided as biometric data in order to identify the physical person in a well-determined way, data according to health or sexual life, or sexual orientation of the person), a specific processing agreement will be asked according to which it will be impossible to fulfil the user’s request.  

“BOOK” AREA (reservations)

This is the area of the website through which the user can reserve stays in the hotel facilities of the Owner. In order to provide the best service with the highest safety standards, the service management was completely provided to a specialized company of this sector with stated experience and reliability, leader for technology and support to the internet distribution in the secretary of tourism and hospitality. 

The link “CHECK AVAILABILITY” leads to the site verticalbooking.comby Vertical Booking srl – Piazza Pontida, 7 24122 Bergamo (Italy)  – which provides for the online reservation. More information at the site customer’s data at the moment of the reservation will be provided in a management software of the Hotel and will be possibly treated by the administration, reception or other employees in charge by the Owner to accomplish to the following tasks: register the reservation, fulfill the contract, administration or tax related duties, to offer services to the guests by attentively fulfilling his needs..


Spontaneously provided personal data is collected in the section “SUBSCRIBE AND STAY UPDATED”: 

In this case the lawful basis of data processing is considered according to the satisfaction of the user’s interests and by the legitimate interest of the Owner considering the promotion of his own facilities.


The Communicated data apart from the different indications of the user, when duly provided, will be preserved for the necessary time to satisfy the user’s requests and comply with the actual law.  

If the interested person has a contract relationship with the Owner, his data will be preserved, if connected to the contract and for the entire contract duration. After its conclusion, the preservation of such data will take place only in compliance with the actual law concerning the preservation of the administrative documentation.

The addresses for which the agreement for the commercial communication was provided will be preserved within 18 following months after the last communication or until the withdrawal of the user’s agreement.


Access right

The interested person has the right to obtain the confirm from the processing owner about a personal data processing concerning him and in that case about obtaining the access to personal data and to following information:

a) the aims of processing;
b) the personal data categories;
c) the desires or categories of recipients to which personal data were or will be communicated in particular if the recipients live in third countries or if they are international organizations and, in such case, the existence of adequate guarantees;
d) when possible, the preservation timeframe of the personal data and, if not possible, the criteria used to determine it;
e) The existence of such right for the user to ask to the owner of the processing to correct or cancel personal data or to limit personal data concerning him, or to oppose to their processing;
f) The right to present a claim to any control authority;
g) When data are not collected at the user’s place, all information according their origin must be stored;
h) the existence of an automatic decision making process, included profiling that can produce juridical effects concerning it or in a significant way on its person and (at least in such cases) significant information about the used logic, or the importance and the consequences of such processing for the interested person.

Right to rectification
The interested person has the right to obtain the rectification of incorrect personal data concerning him from the processing owner  without any unlawful delay.

Cancelation right
The interested person has the right to obtain the rectification of incorrect personal data concerning him from the processing owner  without any unlawful delay. And the processing owner has the duty to cancel without any unlawful delay personal data according to the following matters:

a) Personal data is no more necessary according to the aims for which they were collected or processed;
b) The interested person withdraws the agreement on which the processing is based and there is no other lawful foundation for such processing;
c) The interested person opposes to the processing and there is no other prevalent lawful reason to continue processing;
d) Personal data were unlawful processed;
e)  Personal data must be canceled to fulfill a legal duty according to the EU right or right of the Member State to which the processing owner must obey;

Limitation rights of processing
The interested person has the right to obtain the limitation of the processing from the processing owner when one of the following situations occurs:

a) The interested person claims about the accuracy of the personal data for the necessary time for the owner of the processing to verify the accuracy of such data;
b) The processing is unlawful, and the interested person opposes to the cancelation of personal data and asks about a limitation of their use;
c) Although the owner of the processing has no need for it according to the processing aims, personal data are necessary to the user for the acknowledgement, the performance and the defense of a right in court;
d)The interested person opposes to the processing in the wait for the data verification according to the eventual prevalence for legitimate reasons of the processing owner according to the ones of the interested person. 

Right of opposition
The interested person has the right to oppose in any moment to the personal data processing concerning him according to direct marketing campaigns here included profiling in the measure in which such direct marketing is connected.

Right to data porting
The interested person has the right to receive in a structured format of common use that should be readable for each automatic device all personal data concerning him, provided to an owner for processing; indeed he has the right to transmit such data to another owner of processing without impediments from the processing owner that has provided them: 

a) the processing should be based on an agreement and not on a contract; and
b) the processing must take place with authorized tools.

By claiming his own rights according to data porting the interested person has the right to obtain direct transmission of personal data from an owner of the processing to another owner, if technically possible.